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Hand Painted Kitchen Spixworth Norwich Norfolk



The village was known as Spikeswurda in Norman times and the name is believed to be derived from either the River Spikes (now Spixworth Beck) or Spic meaning swinepasture.

From Saxon times the village has been part of the Taverham Hundred. Prior to the Norman conquest of 1066 much of the land was held by a Saxon freeman known as Suart.

After the conquest, Spixworth and other surrounding villages were given to Roger of Poictiers

In 1199, Peter Bardoph became Lord of the Manor, a position the family held to 1485. The estate was eventually sold to William Peck in 1602. Peck, Sheriff of Norwich.

Unfortunately none of the above were available for comment on this latest kitchen renovation but Mrs B does give a fantastic review of her project.

We find ourselves in this small but perfectly appointed new build kitchen which unfortunately fit Mrs B only came with two colour choices, cream or buff!

Neither pleased her so she contacted us to possibly transform her kitchen.

Over the years we have numerous comments “ we have a tiny kitchen, you won’t be interested in this” but how untrue this statement is, we can and will paint anything large or small, just ask! With a unique team of kitchen painter specialists covering the whole of the UK, your dream kitchen could be a click or phone call away.

Anyway back to Spikeswurda, Mrs B had a particular colour in mind which would tone in with her curtains and soft furnishings, armed with a swatch of material, I made my way to the paint merchant to scan and as closely match the colour, a couple of sample boards were prepared and presented and after a night to decided the colour was chosen.

The preparation needed for this kitchen was to be meticulous as in many of the modern day melamine’s used on kitchen doors have to be carefully sanded not to break through the finish to the MDF or chipboard beneath, we sometimes would use a product call ‘ESP’ which is a liquid etching primer, if there were tricky mouldings within the door, but in this case they were flat panels.

With all the sanding completed we turned to the adhesion primer which had been mixed to the chosen colour, in this instance Tikkurila Otex was to be used due to the depth of colour.

Two coats of the primer were applied with a light sanding between coats then onto the top coats which had been chosen in Tikkurila Helmi 10.

The resulting transformation was stunning and once the blinds and soft furnishings had been replaced “ I feel as if I have a new kitchen” were the comments from Mrs B on her return.

Customer Review

Richard has just painted my boring white kitchen units. I am so pleased with the finished result and l love the new colour. I feel as if I have a new kitchen. No mess , no dust and he even moved the furniture back for me. It was completed on schedule ,exactly as promised.

If you would like a free quote for the price of hand painted kitchen in Spixworth Norwich Norfolk from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.