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Hand Painted Piano Kentford Suffolk / Cambridgeshire

Jump to PhotosHand painted piano with upgrades!

Be careful what you wish for ………..

This latest instalment of hand painted kitchens / pianos comes from a small village on the Suffolk Cambridgeshire border.

I was contacted by the new owners of this piano, which had been gifted from friends who no longer wanted it.

The first question was the usual one, “ can this piano be painted?” To which I always answer now, with the latest products, it is possible to paint anything these days.

The photos were then sent and a price and date set.

On arrival at their home, I started to dismantle the piano, removing as much as possible which could be taken back to my workshop. Any repairs were then filled and the piano carcass was sanded and the first coat of adhesion primer applied.

After 3 days of workshop and site visits the piano was ready to be reassembled, until I saw my customers Instagram message, which read,

“ I felt that the piano needed its own post! I had never seen the inside of a piano until we decided to have ours restored and painted.

I was amazed how beautiful it is! I would love to leave it like this or get a glass cover over to protect the inside but then I remembered I’m not a millionaire! Such a shame it’s to be covered.......

Once I saw this I contacted my customers and suggested a slight upgrade to their piano, to make their dreams realised.

When I finally returned to their home, I started to reassemble their piano, with the new upgrades in place, I had removed one of the wooden panels behind the music stand and had replaced it with a piece of laminated glass, so all the upper keys were visible.

To say they were totally blown away was an understatement and these sentiments were echoed on their social media platforms.

If you have a piano just sitting in the corner or collecting dust in the garage, drop me a line and let me create something special for you.

If you would like a free quote for the price of hand painted piano in Kentford Suffolk / Cambridgeshire from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.