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Kitchen Renovation Belton - Gt.yarmouth


All the above have nothing to do with this particular kitchen renovation other than, the earliest evidence of human inhabitation in Belton is a flint axehead from the Palaeolithic period. The fort at nearby Burgh Castle along with finds of coins and pottery indicate that the area was inhabited throughout the Roman Britain period and Belton was affected by the Great Plague of 1665, even though it is associated with London. The parish register lists 13 burials with 7 listed as "plague". At the time, three or four burials a year was normal.

Belton continued as a small farming community and in 1858, Belton Station was opened, giving the village a railway link to Great Yarmouth and London. This helped the local farming industry as Belton became a market garden providing to markets in nearby Yarmouth and as far as London.

The kitchen renovation itself was a modern vinyl wrapped affair, which is to those who are not sure, vinyl doors are manufactured by creating a door style out of MDF, usually routed out using a CNC machine. The raw MDF door is then wrapped with a plastic vinyl and stuck with an industrial adhesive. Vinyl manufacturers have an extensive range of colours and wood grain effects to imitate real wood doors.

However with this kitchen Mr & Mrs W wanted to radically change their new kitchen, the dark walnut effect wasn’t for them and unfortunately as with most vinyl kitchens some doors tend to peel or delaminate, the most common areas where the vinyl tends to peel is above toasters; above kettles, above and below dishwashers and either side of ovens when the oven has a fault and the heat seals start to degrade. NB: useful tip - Make sure you pull your kettles, toasters and steamers away from any wall units prior to use, this will reduce the direct steam/heat which causes the doors to peel or damage paintwork.

The preparation with these types of doors is similar to any other, with a degreasing wash down and then sanding the surfaces, but very carefully, you don’t want to sand through the vinyl, or generate to much heat with the sander as this too will soften the adhesive under the vinyl and cause it to lift, however repairs are possible and with several of the doors needing some attention, I re-stuck some edges using super glue and on others carefully trimmed the vinyl back to the edge, filled the area exposed with a two part epoxy filler, then sanded this back to finish.

As you will see from the before pictures, at head height there was a bank of glass fronted units, these to were not liked by the customers, so I suggested painting them as well, they did question to whether the paint would stick to the glass and I commented it’s all down to the preparation once again.

With the glass doors, once degreased and sanded the glass panel itself had an etching primer applied, ( check out blog on on ESP)this is left to dry for 10 minutes or so, then a coat of adhesion primer can be applied, this however has to be left for 24hrs to dry out completely before the next coat and repeat the process to the finish coat, ( because the glass has no absorption qualities the paint has to dry out naturally and if the next coat is applied to soon it will soften the previous layer and remove it.)

Once all the preparation was finished on all the other door, drawers etc, I applied 2coats of adhesion primer, sanded this surface once dried, then the undercoat primer was applied, followed by the final two top coats.

With many of the kitchen renovations we do, the kick boards which are made from chipboard are often in a poor state, whether to a small flood, over mopping or voracious hoovering! So with this kitchen and like many others I suggested some new MDF boards to finish the renovation.

If you would like a free quote for the price of kitchen renovation in Belton - Gt.Yarmouth from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.