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Kitchen Renovation Rampton - Cambridgeshire

Jump to PhotosThis spectacular kitchen renovation brings us to the tiny village of Rampton, just outside Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Suitauted on the edge of the Fens which were well-populated during Roman times and Rampton was no exception. The settlement apparently vanished after the Roman era and reappeared around the area of the present church in Anglo Saxon times. It is believed that a castle was built just to the east of the village in around 1140

Rampton has always been one of the smallest of the area's villages along the edge of the Fens. The Domesday Book listed 19 tenants, and there were only 31 families in 1563 and 39 households in 1664, its growth mirrored that of neighbouring villages in rising to 355 in 1981 and 440 in 2001.

The parish Church of All Saints is noted as one of a very few English churches with a thatched roof and one of only two in Cambridgeshire (together with St Michael's Church, Longstanton.

Fortunately with this particular project I didn't have to deal with any disappearing romans or thatched churches, I did however from our first emails and photographs have to contend with Mr & Mrs B's dark red mahogany kitchen.

As with most of my clients, they were concerned on how much of a transformation may be achieved starting from such a dark base. These concerns were put to rest quickly on presentation of my sample doors and previous photographs from similar kitchens, with this the colours were chosen and the commencement date was set.

On arrival as always great care is taken to protect flooring and worktops and this was put in place before I started to dismantle the kitchen, within a few hours I had carefully removed all doors, drawers, kickboards and anything else which was to be worked on in my workshop.

I then started the cleaning procedure on the carcasses and end panels, these were all washed, sanded and then the first coat of adhesion primer was applied.

The same process was applied to all the dooors etc back at my workshop, to ensure a perfect and very durable finish, I then lightly sand down between each coat of paint, 2 coats of primer, 1 coat of undercoat and then 2 top coats in the chosen colour, which in this case was Alcro's equivalent to White Tie.

Once all the components were finished I then returned to site to bring the static items to the same finish, before any of the doors, drawers etc are refitted.

The final job is to carefully refit all the doors ensuring every door and drawer line match and then the new handles can be fitted.

As you can see from the final pictures the transformation was spectacular and Mr & Mrs B were over the moon and very kindly posted this review.

" From the initial preliminary contact to the completed kitchen, everything was done in a friendly and professional manner and on time. The final cost was the same as the quotation - almost unheard of in this day and age!!

To transfer a dark mahogany kitchen into a bright vibrant white one was a joy to behold. Thank you Richard for a first class job. We would certainly recommend you to anyone''.

If you would like a free quote for the price of kitchen renovation in Rampton - Cambridgeshire from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.