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Baby Grand Piano East Anglia

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So……..just been hangin with my bros, Wolfgang, Ludwig, Johann and Frederic, we were kicking back reminiscing about Italian Bartolommeo Cristofori and his crazy new invention back in the day, the Piano.

This happens to be where I step up and mention one of my latest projects, a hand painted baby grand piano, I had previously painted upright pianos but this was going to be a first for me.

Once I made contact with my client, I requested some photos of the instrument to ascertain what procedures would be needed to undertake this project.

My client had requested a black high gloss finish, if possible, to which I set about creating a sample of what was achievable in a water based paint, the product I chose was Tikurilla Helmi 80 in Svart (Black in Scandinavian), once completed the sample was posted and duly accepted and commencement date was set.

I again composed myself, prior to starting to dismantle all of the removable parts, apply masking tape and protective lining paper over the sensitive parts and then started to prep the hardwood shell of the piano, not until every note, crochet and quaver was suitably keyed, would this circa 1930’s Challen baby grand piano start its transformation.

I applied a couple of coats of adhesion primer, once dried this was again sanded smooth and then followed the final 3 top coats which were brushed with a musical flourish.

As you can see, the outcome was totally stunning, completely transformed and the client gave me a standing ovation……..I thank you.

Customer Review

Richard was very professional especially during these troubling times , socially distancing and wiping down anything he touched he did a wonderful job painting my baby grand piano. It looks wonderful. Would highly recommend
- 2nd Feb, 2021

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