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Diy Sos Mildenhall Suffolk

Jump to PhotosThis particular project was something completely different than any thing I'd been asked to do before, on a cold wet November evening, I received a phone call from the BBC, " could you help us out ?" Was the question asked of me, " our designer has ordered a piece of furniture for this particular project and it's still in India, the reveal is in few days time and it's not going to get here. " I automatically replied yes what do you want me to do ?

A few minutes later an email appeared with two images, one of the piece of furniture they had acquired to be painted and another of the finish required.

Any ideas of this being straight forward went straight out of the window!

" blooming interior designers " !!

So on the Saturday morning I travelled to site for a meeting with head of production and to colllect the piece of furniture, it was during this meeting I suggested that I could could use Annie Sloane's Chalk paint as it would add some depth and interest to the finish.

I stopped off at my local stockist in Bury St Edmunds and purchased the paint and set off for my workshop.

As with all painted surfaces the preparation is crucial and with this piece of furniture being primarily made from solid walnut a shellac based adhesion primer was used to prevent any bleeding through.

The Annie Sloane chalk paint used was 'pure' for the base coats and 'Barcelona orange' for the colour effect, once each coat of paint had been applied and dried, it was carefully sanded smooth as I was going to recreate the pattern required by using stencils.

After many hours of gently tapping away with my stencil brush and then carefully moving the stencil to create a seamless pattern, the furniture was transformed into something which very closely resembled the original email of what was asked for, all that was left was to carefully apply a couple coats of clear wax to seal and protect the surface.

All that was left was to return the furniture back to site, which was met with many approving comments from those involved and even a " superb " from no other than Laurence llewelyn bowen ( my new mate ) !

It was in the end a total pleasure to be of help to such a fantastic program and I look forward to watching the program when it is aired.

All the best Simon

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