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Hand Painted Kitchen Gorleston on Sea

Jump to Photos"Oh I do like to beside the seaside"

And now in sunny Gorleston on Sea with the final piece firmly in place to this young family's kitchen remodelling which has been "a beautifully hand-painted" completes a stunning transformation.

Mr & Mrs B inherited this dated solid oak kitchen with its ceramic floral knobs when they moved into the house, but they had big plans for this kitchen.

When I first met them they ran through their plans, removing walls, moving doors and windows.

They explained to me how good they thought the quality of their existing kitchen was and couldn't dream of ripping out and replacing it with something of a lesser quality, which is often the case with the old kitchens, they then also mentioned that they were going to replace the worktops and on the large dresser type unit to the left in the kitchen they would like to keep the oak worktop but remove three of the doors to create a Welsh dresser effect.

I agreed with them and said this wouldn't be to much of an issue all I have to do is fill any existing hinge holes on the carcasses and then once was painted it would have the desired effect.

Once I arrived on site I then dismantled all the doors draws and removable items loaded them safely into my van to be returned back to my workshop to have the five coat paint process applied.

That left me all the preparation on site to do which includes washing down, degreasing, sanding down using the latest dust free extraction system, and then applying the adhesion primers and undercoats.

Once back at my workshop the same process was followed to all the doors, drawers and kickboards, these are all painted up to the last topcoat which is applied on site in situ once everything is rehung and positioned correctly.

On my return to the family home all carcass edges, internal shelves and end panels were all de-nibbled and wiped down before the top coats are applied, once these had dried I was able to rehang all the doors and draws etc.

I also prepared and painted some MDF match board to apply to the end panel of the island unit as unfortunate this had been left blank and didn't match the other end.

The colour chosen was a RAL 9018 and this was mixed into my paint of choice Alcro's Servalac Aqua 10 as you can see from the following photos the transformation was truly stunning and Mr Mrs B were totally thrilled with their new looking kitchen.

If you would like a free quote for the price of hand painted kitchen in Gorleston on sea from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.