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Hand Painted Kitchen Norwich Norwich


Cringleford is located 3 miles south west of Norwich and is a popular place in which to live. The name Cringleford is thought to mean ‘the ford by the round hill’ and a village existed here at least as early as Saxon times.

In 1519 AD the wooden bridge that was built across the River Yare was swept away by heavy floods and was rebuilt in brick and stone, as can be seen on the village sign. The narrow bridge has, sadly, been the scene of many accidents, such as when the Norwich to Newmarket mail coach overturned in 1845, luckily with no loss of life.

Taylor’s of Cringleford was founded in 1890 by Edward Taylor and was a well-known firm and, at one point, employed over 200 people. The firm built carts, wagons and tumbrils at first and then went on to become a flourishing coach-building business. They later went on to specialise in high-class joinery and worked in many churches and in Norwich and Ely Cathedral.

And with the mention of high class joinery, this is were FX Décor’s latest project dovetails in.

This client had contacted us with the leading question, “ do you think you’ll be able to save our kitchen?”

A local firm had supplied them with a bespoke kitchen for their new home, unfortunately the finish was not quite what they had in mind. On first inspection it was obvious that the kitchen could be saved it would just need some serious preparation, but that’s matter of course when you employ a specialist kitchen painter, Traditional has numerous specialist kitchen painters all over the UK, check the website to find your local Traditional Painter.

As with all FX Décor’s projects, once on site all doors , drawers and any other removable pieces were removed the carcasses were washed and sanded down to remove the heavy roller marks, once smooth a coat of adhesion primer was applied and then it was back to the workshop.

The first job was to give the doors, drawers etc, a wash down with a degreasing solution, then I set to work with my Festool RTS 400 EQ, it soon became very apparent that the big guns were going to be needed, to remove the numerous layers of paint, for this job we used the Festool ETS EC , It’s a Light, powerful sander and has the finest sanding pattern (2mm). A random orbital sander (ROS) has the sandpaper going around and around and back and forth at the same time, but – and this is what makes it a ROS - A sliding wait inside the base shifts around and arbitrary moved the offset back and forth of the/around.

The scratch pattern of the sander there by varies getting giving you a smooth finish. A newer version of the ETS series, the ETS EC sanders, are brushless and have a very low, more ergonomic profile. They are also about a 1/3 more powerful.

Due to the amount of paint which had been previously applied, I had to start with a course 60 grit disc to break through the surfaces, this was then followed by 100, 180 and 240 grit disc’s, finally the surfaces were ready for the adhesion primer, once dried the surfaces were de-nibbed and the undercoat primer was applied followed by the top coats.

Once back on site the carcasses were brought up to a finish and the doors could be re-hung.

The stunning handles on this kitchen had been purchased from who are based in Brighton.

If you would like a free quote for the price of hand painted kitchen norwich in Norwich from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.