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Hand Painted Kitchen Walderingfield Suffolk

Jump to PhotosHand painted kitchen in Walderfield Suffolk

The name Waldringfield is derived from the Old English words meaning ‘open land of the family or followers of a man called Waldhere’.

The length of human habitation at Waldringfield is unknown but iron age finds such a pottery shards from the 1st century BC have been found locally.

Record of the settlement is found in the Domesday Book of 1086 under the name 'Waldingafelda'.

The village had an industrial heyday from about 1860 to 1907. First, until about 1895, coprolite (coprolite is fossilized feces) was dug up locally, washed and sifted on the beach and shipped by barge to be processed in factories in Ipswich, as part of the early fertiliser industry.

Then, at the end of the nineteenth century, a cement making industry used mud from the river mixed with chalk brought in by barge from the Medway.

Served by one hundred barges a month and employing twelve ‘bottleneck’ kilns, the industry survived until 1907. The kilns were demolished in 1912.

This moves me on nicely to my client on this project who's name wasn't Waldhere but Mr Blackmore and more importantly he didn't collect coprolite !!

This project came about in the best possible way, a personal recommendation from a previous very satisfied client.

The kitchen itself was of a very high quality, a bespoke mifxture of hand crafted units incorporating tulip and natural oak.

The customer had already decided on the new coilour scheme and once I had assured him that the chosen colours would look stunning, a date was set for commencement.

With all my projects I do like to be able to remove as much as possible from site, but with this kitchen all the main oak units were going to have to stay put, truly solid oak !!

And so the process begins, using Fluaxf power cleaner and a green scourer I degrease all the surfaces which are to be painted, then with my trusty stead by my side in the form of my Festool dust free extraction system and the surfaces are sanded down with a combination of 120 and 240 grit Abranet, which both are ready available from

With such a deep colour being chosen for the oak units, the preparation is crucial, firstly a shellac based primer was applied followed by a coat of Tikurila otex, both which had been tinted to the finish colour, with a light sanding down between coats this will then allow the 2 topcoats create a perfect finish.

The rest of the kitchen which was staying with the lighter shade, was treated to a water based adhesion primer from Beckers which goes by the name of “haftgrund’

Beckers paints are Sweden’s leading consumer paint brand. They send millions of litres of top quality paints all around the world. Because over half the land area of Sweden is covered by forest, the timber industry plays an essential part in the nation’s economy. You will see many Swedish homes made of wood and these wooden surfaces need protection. This is where Beckers expertise comes to the fore.

For the finish coats the client had specified Little Greene intelligent eggshell in Dock blue and Slaked lime for the lighter tones.

As you can see from the photos the kitchen looks stunning and the client was over the moon with the overall finish.

If you would like a free quote for the price of hand painted kitchen in Walderingfield Suffolk from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.