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Kitchen Renovation Shotesham All Saints

Jump to PhotosWhat have the Romans ever done for us!

From Suffolk to Norwich in the name of hand painted kitchens

Shotesham All Saints Norfolk

There is very little evidence of Shotesham’s ancient past, other than some Stone Age flint tools that have been found in Shotesham and the surrounding area. There are no Roman remains and the only survival from Saxon times is the village name although its meaning is not certain. ‘Ham’ is a common Anglo-Saxon place-name ending, meaning a village, an estate or a homestead. Thus Shotesham may mean the ‘ham’ of the Scot.

However only two villages further along the road there is masses of evidence of a Roman market town and capital of the Iceni tribe, Venta Icenorum, It is assumed that the Roman 'Stone Street' runs from Dunwich on the Suffolk coast to Caistor St Edmund near Norwich. The parish church of St Edmund's lies at the south-east corner of the old Roman town. Caistor St Edmund features on the Antonine Itinerary, a Roman "road map" of the routes around Britain.

This particular kitchen finds me at one of my longest serving customers, not from the Anglo Saxon age or Roman times but from around 20 years ago, some of you will recognise the photos from the Traditional Painter facebook page.

The kitchen first started life as a bespoke aged knotty pine affair which sat completely at home within the barn conversion, although my suggestion of painting was taken onboard it wasn’t until a few years later when I was asked to hand paint and update the kitchen.

The original finish on this particular kitchen was a tinted wax oil, which in its self means meticulous preparation was needed.

This was undertaken as always with through degreasing (essential with any kitchen painting projects) my product of choice is still Fluaxf Pro-Clean and a green scourer, which once diluted to approximately a 10:1 mixture with clean water will remove any kitchen residue from everything which is to be painted.

Fluxaf, a name that has been synonymous with high quality products for more than 80 years.

In addition to the Fluxaf paint removers we also offer solutions for the cleaning and protection of various substrates.

All Fluxaf products have been formulated to meet exacting professional requirements.

We pay close attention to the welfare of people and we respect the environment.

To find out more about Fluaxf check out their website at

The next process is to then sand down all the surfaces, this is undertaken with my Festool dust free extraction system and the RTS 400 sander, a combination of 120 grit and 240 grit is used, this creates the perfect key for the adhesion primer.

The adhesion primer is crucial with this particular kitchen as mentioned earlier it has numerous knots within the rails and stiles on every door.

The shellac properties in Zinseer B.I.N are perfect to hold back any possible bleed through from the knots and two coats are applied.

Once the primer has dried its then sanded flat and the next coat of undercoat primer is applied, this tends to be tinted to the chosen colour, this in turn is de-nibbed before the final 2 top coats are applied.

This 5 coat process ensures that every kitchen renovation I undertake has the best and most durable finish possible.

The colours chosen for this project were Beckers equivalent to Old White and Pigeon for the cabinetry and Lime White for the walls, which from the photographs enhance and bring a new life back to this stunning kitchen.

Customer Review

Richard, FX Decor Ltd has worked on all my interior design projects since 2000 both in England and France. He still continues to do so. He has had a key to my home since then. The ongoing nature of our working relationship is a testiment to his skills; his vast knowledge of painting and decorating products and how they can be used to their full potential, his eye for colour, his project management skills and his network of other high quality home improvement specialists. He starts a job when he says he will, never leaves a job unfinished and is a careful, clean worker who is unobtrusive. He is a great guy who has the confidence to say when he believes your ideas won't achieve what you are seeking. A recent project was a refurbishment of my country style kitchen to something more modern but still in keeping with my home which is a barn. I was dithering with colours, changes to the work surfaces and style of the units. He played a pivotal roll in helping me specify my requirements and then delivered them including managing other workers. He had a knack of finding a way to get over the inevitable hurdles that such a project presents. As always I was highly delighted with the finished product.

If you would like a free quote for the price of kitchen renovation in Shotesham All Saints from a reliable hand painted kitchen company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.